About us

Our company has been in perfumery business since 1995 and started selling online by 2012.

Since then, over 100,000 satisfied online customers trusted our store and continue to purchase again from us.

Why you should consider reselling perfume and get from our shop?

  1. You get around 10-30% cheaper than our discounted selling price in our website.
  2. Everybody loves smelling great
  3. Potential Repeat buyers: Your customer would purchase again if their perfume ran out or they need new scents
  4. Guaranteed 100% USA authentic perfume – if you buy perfume from retail store and from our shop in the same day - you will get the same perfume.
  5. Wide range of scents and enough stocks on hand.
  6. You can sell at your desire selling price
  7. You can copy our photos
  8. Free shipping Nationwide.


Terms and Condition:

  1. All orders placed above P10,000 are FREE of Shipping fee.
  2. Wholesale price may change without prior notice
  3. Minimum Amount per Order – P10,000
  4. No additional discount for more than P10,000 orders
  5. Order must be paid before we ship. No credit card and Cash on Delivery payment options for reseller order. Payment must be made using Dragonpay Payment Method.
  6. Reseller/Wholesale accounts are not eligible for loyalty rewards and other discounts since prices are discounted already.
  7. We do not offer refund/exchange if your customer is not satisfied or item cannot be sold.
  8. Perfumes.com.ph do not cater drop shipping (Shipping order to your customer on your behalf)
  9. Terms and condition will be updated from time to time without prior notice.


How to register and order as Reseller:

  1. Go to account page on our website www.perfumes.com.ph
  2. Create your account https://perfumes.com.ph/account/register or sign in with Google or Facebook.
  3. Email us the following to vip@perfumes.com.ph
  4. Full Name
  5. Email address (must be the same email that you registered in our website)
  6. Contact number
  7. Link of your online shop (if any)
  8. We will reply to your email once your application to be as reseller is activated.
  9. Every time you have order, login your email address in order to see the wholesale prices.


Don’t know where to start or what to order as first batch of your Perfumes?

This link is sorted as bestselling perfumes. You can start with the first 10-20 perfumes as start.

List of Bestselling perfumes

You will see the full list of discounted prices as reseller when your account is activated already.

Sample of discounted prices:

Jovan White Musk:

Reseller Price: 402.00

SRP Price: 695

Benetton Cold or Hot:

Reseller price: 517

SRP Price: 1295

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea:

Reseller Price: 747

SRP Price: 2900

Note: Minimum PHP 10k order is based on reseller’s price.


Dedicated Contact Details for Reseller Program:

Email address: vip@perfumes.com.ph

0917 617 4062

0939 896 9129


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