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Kenzo Perfume Prices in the Philippines June 2024

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Kenzo Leau Par Women EDT 100mlKenzo-Kenzo Leau Par Women EDT 100ml-Fragrance
Kenzo Leau Par Women EDT 100ml Sale price₱3,345.00 Regular price₱5,650.00
Kenzo Leau Par Men 100ml EDTKenzo-Kenzo Leau Par Men 100ml EDT-Fragrance
Kenzo Leau Par Men 100ml EDT Sale price₱3,345.00 Regular price₱5,650.00
Kenzo-Kenzo Flower EDP 100ml-FragranceKenzo Flower EDP 100ml
Kenzo Flower EDP 100ml Sale price₱4,195.00 Regular price₱6,650.00
Sold outL'eau Kenzo Intense Pour Homme EDT 100ml - Perfume PhilippinesKenzo-L'eau Kenzo Intense Pour Homme EDT 100ml-Fragrance
Kenzo L'eau Kenzo Intense Pour Homme EDT 100ml Sale price₱2,899.00 Regular price₱5,650.00
Sold outKenzo-Kenzo Aqua Women 100ml-FragranceKenzo Aqua Women 100ml
Kenzo Aqua Women 100ml Sale price₱2,995.00 Regular price₱5,650.00
Kenzo L'eau Kenzo Pour Homme EDT 100mlKenzo L'eau Kenzo Pour Homme EDT 100ml
Kenzo L'eau Kenzo Pour Homme EDT 100ml Sale price₱3,495.00 Regular price₱5,095.00

Kenzo EDT: Expressive Fragrance Artistry. Discover the captivating scent of Kenzo Eau de Toilette, where artistic expression meets fragrance craftsmanship, offering scents that evoke emotion and individuality, leaving a memorable impression.

What defines Kenzo as a perfume brand?
Kenzo, the perfume brand, reflects the spirit of the fashion house founded by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada. Known for its creativity, unconventional designs, and vibrant colors, Kenzo fragrances embrace a sense of boldness and artistic flair.

What are some of the most notable fragrances in the Kenzo perfume line?
Kenzo offers a diverse collection of fragrances. Some of the most notable include:

Kenzo Flower by Kenzo (2000): A classic floral scent with a powdery essence, symbolizing the connection between nature and the urban world.

Kenzo Jungle L'Éléphant (1996): A spicy, oriental fragrance that captures the wild and exotic spirit of the jungle.

Kenzo World (2016): A contemporary and daring scent that celebrates individuality and self-expression, inspired by Kenzo's artistic heritage.

What is the inspiration behind Kenzo fragrances?
Kenzo fragrances often draw inspiration from nature, cultural diversity, and the brand's Japanese heritage. The scents aim to evoke emotions and experiences, reflecting Kenzo's artistic and unconventional approach to fashion.

Are Kenzo fragrances known for their unique bottle designs?
Yes, Kenzo fragrances are often recognized for their innovative and artistic bottle designs, reflecting the brand's commitment to creativity and aesthetic originality.

Who is the target audience for Kenzo perfumes?
Kenzo perfumes are designed for individuals who appreciate unique and artistic fragrances. They appeal to those who seek distinctive scents that go beyond traditional fragrance conventions.

Do Kenzo fragrances offer unisex or gender-neutral options?
Kenzo has released fragrances with unisex and gender-neutral appeal, reflecting a modern and inclusive approach to scent creation.

Is there a signature scent or style associated with Kenzo himself?
Kenzo Takada, the brand's founder, is known for his vibrant and unconventional fashion designs but does not have a personal fragrance. His legacy lives on through the creative and artistic spirit of the brand.

Are there any notable collaborations or limited edition fragrances associated with Kenzo?
Kenzo has engaged in collaborations with artists and designers, resulting in limited edition fragrances that capture the essence of these partnerships. These releases add an element of exclusivity and artistry to the brand's fragrance portfolio.

Where can I buy Kenzo Perfumes online in the Philippines?
Kenzo is available at Perfume Philippines at affordable price. Visit website