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Nina Ricci Perfume Prices in the Philippines May 2024

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Sold outNina by Nina Ricci EDT 80ml - Perfume PhilippinesNina by Nina Ricci EDT 80ml
Nina Ricci
Nina by Nina Ricci EDT 80ml Sale price₱2,995.00 Regular price₱5,200.00
Sold outBella by Nina Ricci EDT 80ml - Perfume PhilippinesNina Ricci Bella EDT 80ml
Nina Ricci
Nina Ricci Bella EDT 80ml Sale price₱2,895.00 Regular price₱4,700.00
Sold outLuna Blossom by Nina Ricci EDT 80ml - Perfume PhilippinesNina Ricci Luna Blossom EDT 80ml
Nina Ricci
Nina Ricci Luna Blossom EDT 80ml Sale price₱2,895.00 Regular price₱4,700.00

Nina Ricci is an iconic French fashion and fragrance house renowned for its timeless elegance and romantic aesthetic. Founded by Italian-born designer Maria "Nina" Ricci and her son Robert Ricci in 1932, the brand has played a significant role in shaping the world of haute couture and luxury perfumery.

What Characterizes Nina Ricci Perfume?
Nina Ricci, founded by the Italian designer Nina Ricci and her son Robert in France in 1932, is a revered fashion and fragrance house. Nina Ricci's creations are synonymous with elegance and femininity, offering a distinct contrast to the more androgynous fashions of her time. The brand introduced its inaugural perfume in 1946, and in 1948, it unveiled the iconic "L'Air du Temps," a fragrance that continues to captivate perfume enthusiasts. Nina Ricci's fragrances are celebrated for their delightful blend of sweet notes, including carnation, as well as the alluring presence of musky and woodsy accords.

What Are the Most Beloved Nina Ricci Perfumes?
Nina Ricci boasts a range of fragrances that enjoy global acclaim. Explore some of the following:

Nina (1987): A radiant and cheerful perfume graced with hints of orange blossom, marigold, and lemon.

Ricci Ricci (2009): An urban floral scent that harmonizes the playful notes of rhubarb, bergamot, and sandalwood.

Nina L'eau (2013): A composition that combines traditional floral elements, cherry, and citrus with refreshing aquatic nuances.

Are Nina Ricci Fragrances Known for Their Longevity?
Crafted from the finest ingredients, Nina Ricci perfumes are recognized for their remarkable longevity and sillage. Applying your favorite scent in the morning ensures a fragrant aura that lingers well into the evening hours.

Does Nina Ricci also offer fragrances for men and unisex options?
While Nina Ricci is primarily recognized for its women's fragrances, the brand has ventured into men's scents and introduced some fragrances that can be appreciated by individuals of any gender.

What is the inspiration behind Nina Ricci fragrances, and do they have a common theme or style?
Nina Ricci fragrances draw inspiration from the brand's commitment to elegance and femininity. The common theme is one of timeless beauty and classic style.

Is there a unique selling point or signature style associated with Nina Ricci as a fragrance brand?
Nina Ricci's unique selling point lies in its ability to infuse the spirit of timeless elegance and femininity into its fragrances, making them emblematic of classic and sophisticated style.

Are Nina Ricci fragrances suitable for special occasions and everyday wear?
Nina Ricci fragrances cater to a wide range of occasions. While some are well-suited for everyday wear due to their versatility, others, like the iconic "L'Air du Temps," are often chosen for special and memorable events.

Are there any notable collaborations or limited edition releases associated with Nina Ricci fragrances?
While Nina Ricci has maintained the authenticity of its classic fragrances, the brand has introduced various limited edition releases and reinterpretations of its iconic scents, offering collectors and enthusiasts unique experiences.

Where can I buy Nina Ricci Perfumes online in the Philippines?
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