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Versace Perfume Prices in the Philippines July 2024

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Versace Eros 100ml - Perfume PhilippinesVersace-Versace Eros 100ml-Fragrance
Versace Eros EDT 100ml Sale price₱4,895.00 Regular price₱6,500.00
Versace Man Eau Fraiche 100ml - Perfume PhilippinesVersace-Versace Man Eau Fraiche 100ml-Fragrance
Versace Man Eau Fraiche 100ml Sale price₱3,895.00 Regular price₱5,800.00
Versace Bright Crystal 90ml - Perfume PhilippinesVersace-Versace Bright Crystal 90ml-Fragrance
Versace Bright Crystal 90ml Sale price₱4,395.00 Regular price₱5,800.00
Versace Pour Homme 100ml - Perfume PhilippinesVersace Pour Homme 100ml
Versace Pour Homme 100ml Sale price₱4,195.00 Regular price₱6,800.00
Versace Blue Jeans 75ml - Perfume PhilippinesVersace Blue Jeans 75ml
Versace Blue Jeans 75ml Sale price₱1,995.00 Regular price₱3,400.00
Versace Red Jeans 75ml - Perfume PhilippinesVersace Red Jeans 75ml
Versace Red Jeans 75ml Sale price₱1,995.00 Regular price₱3,400.00
Versace-Versace Bright Crystal Absolu 90ml-FragranceVersace Bright Crystal Absolu 90ml
Versace Bright Crystal Absolu 90ml Sale price₱4,895.00 Regular price₱7,150.00
Versace-Versace Pour Homme Dylan Blue EDT 100ml-FragranceVersace-Versace Pour Homme Dylan Blue EDT 100ml-Fragrance
Versace Pour Homme Dylan Blue EDT 100ml Sale price₱4,395.00 Regular price₱5,900.00
Versace Yellow Diamond 90ml - Perfume PhilippinesVersace-Versace Yellow Diamond 90ml-Fragrance
Versace Yellow Diamond 90ml Sale price₱4,195.00 Regular price₱5,800.00
Versace-Versace Eros Flame EDP for Men 100ml-FragranceVersace-Versace Eros Flame EDP for Men 100ml-Fragrance
Versace Eros Flame EDP for Men 100ml Sale price₱5,295.00 Regular price₱7,000.00
Versace-Versace Eros EDP 100ml-FragranceVersace Eros EDP 100ml
Versace Eros EDP 100ml Sale price₱5,295.00 Regular price₱6,230.00
Versace Eros Pour Femme EDT 100mlVersace Eros Pour Femme EDT 100ml
Versace Eros Pour Femme EDT 100ml Sale price₱4,650.00 Regular price₱6,500.00
Versace Eros 2-Piece Gift Set for Men
Versace Eros 2-Piece Gift Set for Men Sale price₱4,995.00 Regular price₱7,995.00
Versace-Versace Dylan Turquoise EDT Women 100ml-FragranceVersace Dylan Turquoise EDT Women 100ml
Versace Dylan Turquoise EDT Women 100ml Sale price₱4,295.00 Regular price₱6,000.00

Versace, the iconic Italian fashion house, offers a perfume collection that mirrors the brand's commitment to luxury, glamour, and boldness. Launched in the 1980s, Versace's fragrances capture the essence of Italian opulence with a touch of sensuality and confidence.

The Versace perfume collection includes a wide range of fragrances for both men and women, each designed to evoke distinct emotions and moods. These fragrances often feature a harmonious blend of floral, fruity, oriental, and woody notes, creating scents that exude sophistication and a sense of Mediterranean allure.

Versace's perfumes are celebrated for their longevity and the brand's ability to push the boundaries of fragrance creation. The fragrance bottles often showcase a sense of luxury and extravagance, with eye-catching and artistic designs.

In summary, Versace's perfume collection is a symbol of luxury, glamour, and boldness in the world of fragrance. These fragrances are cherished by those who appreciate scents that embody the brand's dedication to Italian opulence and Mediterranean sensuality.

What Is Versace Perfume?
Renowned for its innovative and attention-grabbing fashion designs, Versace ventured into the realm of perfumery in 1981, adding a subtle dimension to its creative portfolio. Over the decades, with the release of more than 75 perfumes and colognes, each Versace fragrance exudes sensuality that is skillfully balanced to remain light and airy while retaining an aromatic and delectable allure. Although Gianni Versace passed away in 1997, his brand continues to thrive, offering high-quality clothing, accessories, and fragrances.

What Are the Most Popular Versace Perfumes?
With over 30 years of expertise in crafting fragrances, selecting a beloved Versace scent is a matter of finding the one that complements your personal style. Fortunately, there is a diverse array to choose from. A few standout best-sellers include:

Signature (2007): A fresh and fruity composition that indulges the senses with a rich blend of lilacs, wisteria, jasmine, cedarwood, and musk.

Woman (2000): This captivating perfume features earthy, fruity, and floral notes that are both fresh and feminine.

Crystal Noir (2004): Elevate your seductive charm with this creamy, spicy, and velvety fragrance. A tapestry of florals, spiced with cardamom, ginger, black pepper, and sandalwood, creates an exotic aura.

What Are the Most Popular Versace Colognes?
Versace's commitment to producing exceptional colognes matches its dedication to perfumes. The brand's collection offers a range of options with fresh, masculine undertones. Three notable choices include:

Eros (2012): A zesty and woody fragrance that exudes luxurious freshness and remarkable longevity.

Dreamer (1996): Immerse yourself in the irresistible aroma of lavender, mandarin orange, cedar, and tonka bean.

Dylan Blue (2016): This delightful scent is perfect for daily wear, featuring a blend of fresh citrus, alluring earthy notes, and a hint of spice.

Are Versace Fragrances Long-Lasting?
When you choose a Versace product, you're opting for a high-quality fragrance crafted with the finest ingredients. This commitment to excellence results in above-average longevity and sillage for Versace perfumes and colognes, ensuring a lasting and delightful fragrance experience.

Does Versace Offer Fragrances for Both Women and Men?
Absolutely, Versace provides fragrances for both women and men, allowing individuals to experience the brand's captivating scents and enduring style.

Can I Use Versace Perfume for Special Occasions?
Versace fragrances are perfect for special occasions, adding a touch of luxury and allure to your memorable moments.

Are Versace Fragrances Suitable for Different Occasions?
Yes, Versace offers a diverse range of fragrances suitable for various occasions. Whether you're seeking an everyday signature scent, a fragrance for special events, or one for a romantic evening, Versace has options to match every moment.

Are Versace Perfumes Cruelty-Free?
Versace is committed to ethical and cruelty-free practices. Our products are not tested on animals, and we ensure that our suppliers adhere to these same ethical standards.

Where can I buy Versace perfumes online in the Philippines?
Versace is available at Perfume Philippines at affordable price. Visit website