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Nautica Perfume Prices in the Philippines May 2024

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Nautica-Nautica Voyage EDT 100ml-FragranceNautica Voyage EDT 100ml
Nautica Voyage EDT 100ml Sale price₱2,095.00 Regular price₱3,150.00
Nautica Blue EDT 100ml - Perfume Philippines
Nautica Blue EDT 100ml Sale price₱1,795.00 Regular price₱3,150.00
Nautica Classic EDT 100ml - Perfume PhilippinesNautica Classic EDT 100ml
Nautica Classic EDT 100ml Sale price₱1,695.00 Regular price₱3,150.00
Nautica Blue Sail EDT 100ml - Perfume PhilippinesNautica Blue Sail EDT 100ml
Nautica Blue Sail EDT 100ml Sale price₱1,995.00 Regular price₱3,150.00

Nautica Eau de Toilette (EDT) is a popular fragrance line by the American lifestyle brand Nautica. Inspired by the spirit of adventure and the open sea, Nautica EDT fragrances are known for their fresh and invigorating scents that capture the essence of maritime exploration and coastal living.

What characterizes Nautica as a perfume brand?
Nautica, the perfume brand, embodies the spirit of the sea and adventure. Known for its nautical-inspired fragrances, Nautica offers scents that capture the essence of the ocean, sailing, and a life lived in harmony with the sea.

What is the history behind Nautica's venture into perfumery?
Nautica extended its maritime-inspired brand into perfumery in the 1990s. The fragrances reflect the brand's core values of exploration, freedom, and an affinity for the water.

What are some of the most popular Nautica perfumes for men?
Nautica is primarily known for its men's fragrances, with some of the most popular options including:

Nautica Voyage (2006): A fresh and invigorating scent that evokes the feeling of setting sail on the open sea, featuring notes of apple, green leaves, and aquatic accords.

Nautica Blue (2005): A classic and versatile fragrance with a mix of pineapple, bergamot, and sandalwood, perfect for everyday wear.

Does Nautica also offer fragrances for women?
Yes, Nautica has expanded its fragrance offerings to include scents for women. These fragrances often share the brand's connection to the ocean and a nautical lifestyle.

What is the inspiration behind Nautica fragrances, and do they have a common theme or style?
Nautica fragrances draw inspiration from the brand's association with the water and sailing. The common theme is one of freshness, adventure, and a connection to the sea.

Are Nautica fragrances known for their longevity and sillage?
Nautica fragrances are generally designed to offer moderate longevity and moderate sillage, making them suitable for everyday wear and a fresh, aquatic experience.

Is there a unique selling point or signature style associated with Nautica as a fragrance brand?
Nautica's unique selling point is its strong association with a maritime lifestyle and the spirit of adventure. The brand's scents capture the essence of the sea and sailing, making them distinctive and refreshing.

Are there any notable collaborations or limited edition releases associated with Nautica fragrances?
While Nautica has not been extensively associated with limited edition releases, the brand has continued to introduce new interpretations of its nautical-inspired fragrances, celebrating the allure of the ocean and exploration.

Where can I buy Nautica Perfumes online in the Philippines?

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