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Tom Ford Perfume Prices in the Philippines June 2024

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Tom Ford Black Orchid EDP 100mlTom Ford Black Orchid EDP 100ml
Tom Ford
Tom Ford Black Orchid EDP 100ml Sale price₱9,995.00 Regular price₱11,595.00

Tom Ford is a renowned luxury brand known for its sophisticated fragrances that exude elegance and refinement. Each Tom Ford perfume is carefully crafted to embody a distinct personality, offering a unique olfactory experience for both men and women.

For women, Tom Ford offers a range of exquisite fragrances that celebrate femininity and allure. From the iconic floral notes of Black Orchid to the seductive blend of oud and rose in Oud Wood, Tom Ford perfumes for women are bold, sensual, and unforgettable.

For men, Tom Ford fragrances evoke strength, confidence, and sophistication. From the rich and woody notes of Tobacco Vanille to the fresh and citrusy Neroli Portofino, each scent is designed to make a statement and leave a lasting impression.