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Narciso Rodriguez Perfume Prices in the Philippines June 2024

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Narciso Rodriguez-Narciso Rodriguez for her EDP 100ml-FragranceNarciso Rodriguez for her EDP 100ml
Narciso Rodriguez
Narciso Rodriguez for her EDP 100ml Sale price₱5,795.00 Regular price₱7,050.00
Narciso Rodriguez-Narciso Rodriguez Fleur Musc EDP 100ml-FragranceNarciso Rodriguez Fleur Musc EDP 100ml
Narciso Rodriguez
Narciso Rodriguez Fleur Musc EDP 100ml Sale price₱5,795.00 Regular price₱7,050.00

Narciso Rodriguez is often celebrated for its sensuality and modernity. It features a harmonious blend of floral and woody notes, creating a timeless and captivating scent. With a focus on musk, floral accords, and warm undertones, this fragrance offers a delicate and long-lasting aroma that is both feminine and seductive.

What characterizes Narciso Rodriguez as a perfume brand?
Narciso Rodriguez, the perfume brand, is renowned for its modern, sensual, and elegant fragrances. Founded by the American fashion designer Narciso Rodriguez, the brand's scents often exude a sense of contemporary luxury and timeless beauty.

What is the history behind Narciso Rodriguez's venture into perfumery?
Narciso Rodriguez's journey into perfumery reflects his desire to translate his signature style into the world of fragrance. The brand introduced its first perfume in 2003, marking the beginning of a successful line of scents.

What are some of the most popular Narciso Rodriguez perfumes for women?
Narciso Rodriguez offers a range of fragrances for women, with some of the most popular options including:

Narciso Rodriguez for Her (2003): A sensual and musky fragrance that has become an iconic scent, featuring notes of musk, florals, and amber.

Narciso Rodriguez Fleur Musc (2017): A modern and floral fragrance with a musky twist, blending rose, peony, and pink peppercorns.

Does Narciso Rodriguez also offer fragrances for men and unisex options?
While Narciso Rodriguez is primarily known for its women's fragrances, the brand has introduced a selection of men's scents, and some of its fragrances are considered unisex, catering to a diverse audience.

What is the inspiration behind Narciso Rodriguez fragrances, and do they have a common theme or style?
Narciso Rodriguez fragrances often draw inspiration from the brand's fashion collections, characterized by minimalism, sensuality, and clean lines. The common theme is one of contemporary elegance and timeless allure.

Are Narciso Rodriguez fragrances known for their longevity and sillage?
Narciso Rodriguez fragrances are generally known for their strong longevity and moderate to strong sillage, ensuring that their alluring scents linger throughout the day.

Is there a unique selling point or signature style associated with Narciso Rodriguez as a fragrance brand?
Narciso Rodriguez's unique selling point lies in its ability to create fragrances that embody modern sensuality and elegance. The iconic musk notes in many of its scents have become a signature of the brand.

Are there any notable collaborations or limited edition releases associated with Narciso Rodriguez fragrances?
While Narciso Rodriguez has not been extensively associated with limited edition releases, the brand has continued to evolve its fragrance offerings, introducing new interpretations of its signature musky notes and collaborating with artists for unique scent experiences.

Where can I buy Narciso Rodriguez Perfumes online in the Philippines?
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