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Article: 7 Interesting Facts About Perfume that you should know

7 Interesting Facts About Perfume that you should know

7 Interesting Facts About Perfume that you should know

Who doesn’t love perfumes?  Women sometimes feel naked without it. They start their day spritzing their favorite scent and instantly feel fabulous, energetic, happy and confident. Every time you pass by the perfume section of a mall, you just feel enticed to try the different scent and just see which perfume suits you best. So before you finally decide on what perfume will you purchase next, here are some interesting facts about perfumes that you might not be aware of. Some might arouse your curiosity; others might help you make the right perfume decision.


  1. Do you know why perfumes have long expiration date because most modern perfumes are not made with 100% real flowers. This practice is due to manufacturers need to mass produce the perfume. Now synthetic materials are included.


  1. Among the most coveted perfume scents have animal ingredients. But don’t you worry, especially the animal rights advocates, because these animal notes are synthetic. These are Civet, an ingredient extracted from the feces or anal glands of a civet cat; Ambergris or sperm whale secretions; musk or animal anal secretions;


  1. Women, believe it or not, have a more developed sense of smell than men. This is due to the orbital prefrontal region of the brain that is more developed in women than in men. That is why the perfume business is geared towards the women as audience.


  1. Do you like to work in the perfume business? Put your sense of smell into constant practice because perfumers must successfully identify at least 250 different scents to be a part a Nez (French for nose). They are highly paid for their outstanding ability to distinguish between ingredients that would smell identical to untrained noses. They have no problem in deciphering essential oils from synthetic materials.


  1. Before applying any fragrance, you might want to dab your skin with your favorite lotion to moisturize the area. Perfume diffuses well when applied on moisturized skin. When your skin is dry, fragrance will evaporate faster. To hold the fragrance longer, hydrated skin is needed.


  1. When testing new perfumes, avoid trying more than three in a row or else you will suffer from olfactory fatigue. That is why you will see coffee beans in the perfume stores, to help buyers clear their nasal passages. Some believe that sniffing pure wool will also do the trick. The lanolin in wool absorbs and neutralizes odor to help your brain rest from sensory overload.


  1. The scent can smell different on two individuals. This is because there are factors that contribute to how you smell the scent. A person’s type of skin is a major factor. Sweat, environment, a person’s diet can also have an effect on the scent. So you should not agree to buy on impulse your best friend’s perfume just because she swears by its happy fragrance. Always try fragrances on your skin before purchasing.





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