Why Perfumes Are Expensive?


It is your wife’s birthday and all she wants is a luxury perfume priced at 5 digits. You can’t say no, after what she has done for the family, nor you want an endless discussion for a bottle of what her heart desires. But again, a 5-digit-price is outrageously expensive for some. The question that pops in your head, why is perfume so expensive? 



This is the major reason why perfumes are expensive. Some perfumes use the world’s most rare and hard to find ingredients. The natural ingredients cost steep than their synthetic counterparts.



The top three would be Ambergris, Oud and Orris.



A secretion produced in the digestive system of some species of sperm whales. This substance has a “marine fecal odor” at first, which later ages into a sweet earthy scent. Besides it’s distinct scent, Ambergris is also used as a fixative to enhance a fragrance’s longevity.



Oud oil is very rare and difficult to harvest. Oud originates from the bark of trees that only grow in parts of South East Asia. The tree is valuable only if infected with a certain type of fungus, for at least 8-12 years. The infection causes the creation of a resin that produces the agarwood. It takes at least 40 years for a tree to harvest a good amount of Oud. 



This perfume ingredient comes from the rhizomes or bulbs or the iris plant. 

In an interview with renowned perfumer Francis Kurkdjian conducted by telegraph.co.uk, he reveals how to get the essence of the Orris root. “In order to obtain the iris root, first you have to leave the plant in the ground for 3 years. Then you cut off the foliage and let the roots dry for another 3 years.

At that stage, they already have a powdery, clean yet fresh smell. Then you crush them into powder and distill it. What you get is not oil, as with other products, but something that looks like wax. Perfumers call it orris butter. It smells soft, slightly fatty, and yet very delicate. Finally, you extract that smell using a volatile solvent to obtain an essence”.



Now that you already know that the price tag of certain type of perfumes are highly dependent on the ingredients used, you understand why some of these fragrances are so expensive.

Is it worth it? Yes, if you are the type of person who chooses “nothing but the best” for yourself. You like to make that bold statement by using branded fragrances. Yes, because expensive perfume is more likely to last longer – when sprayed on your pulse points and when stored in a cool dry area in your closet. But most importantly, if that expensive perfume reminds you of a loved one, a significant life memory – surely no amount of money can buy that.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to choose a fragrance that fits your budget and taste. 

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