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There’s just something about the scent of tea that calms the most frazzled nerves! Often associated with relaxation, a sip of this herbal drink and the mind is cleared, and worries drift away.

It’s no surprise that perfumers have tried to harness this wonder herb’s anxiety-busting properties by infusing them into fragrances – some of which have become massively popular in the last few years. 

What is tea? 

Harvesting tea leaves

Tea is harvested by hand. Not all leaves are taken during harvesting; only a few of the young leaves on top.

Tea may refer to the aromatic beverage prepared by pouring hot water over fresh leaves of the Camellia sinensis, or the plant itself – an evergreen shrub native to China and East Asia. Tea is incredibly popular – so popular that it’s the second most widely consumed drink in the world next to water! 

All teas, be it black, green, white, oolong, or Pu’erh, come from the same plant - the Camellia sinensis, a sub-tropical, evergreen plant native to Asia but is now grown around the world. 

Tea’s many health benefits are widely known. When drank, tea is packed with antioxidants to protect us from pollution, boost our immune system, and reduce our risk of stroke or heart attack.

A cup of tea with dessert

Tea is the second most consumed drink in the world next to water. 

It also contains everyone’s favorite picker-upper – caffeine – but in smaller amounts than coffee so you can stay awake without any of the brown brew’s pesky side effects on the nervous system. 

When infused in fragrances, tea’s benefits remain. Unlike other aromatherapy scents that lull you to sleep or energize you too much, the smell of green tea relaxes your mind while sharpening your mental focus.

This makes green tea a spectacular aromatherapy scent for when you need to relax but stay alert. 

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What does tea smell like? 

There are several types of tea, and each has its scent nuances. To narrow down the discussion, let’s talk about the most famous type of tea used in fragrances: green tea. 

The smells and flavors familiar to green tea are vast. Some green tea smells vegetal or even oceanic, while others smell slightly floral and sweet. In most cases, green tea has a vegetal or grass-like odor. When combined with woody notes, tea smells like a verdant forest after rain; when mixed with florals, evokes a relaxing herb garden. 

From perfumes that evoke the aromas of earl gray to oolong tea, here are the most enticing tea fragrance infusions we love. 

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Our favorite tea perfumes

Bvlgari Au the Bleu Eau Parfumée

Bvlgari Au the Bleu Eau Parfumée

Key notes: Lavender, shiso leaves, blue tea, violet, iris, musk

Opens up with lavender and tea notes then fades into sweet and powdery iris. A lovely aromatic fragrance for women looking to make a statement! 


Elizabeth Arden Green Tea

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea

Key notes: Lemon, bergamot, mint, jasmine, green tea, oakmoss, musk

Fresh and clean, like a cup of warm tea on a winter day. When you don’t feel like wearing cloying perfumes, this uplifting scent is the perfect everyday wear. 


Perfumers Workshop Tea Rose

Perfumers Workshop Tea Rose

Key notes: Peony, chamomile, tea rose, damask rose, Bulgarian rose, violet leaf

A head-turning combination of the distinct rose sweetness, the warmth of the vanilla and the sweet, slight tang of green tea. If you’re a fan of rose-infused perfumes, this is worth a try. 


Elizabeth Arden White Tea

Elizabeth Arden White Tea

Key notes: Sea notes, fern, mandarin orange, white tea, white iris, tonka bean, amber

Nice, soft, airy, and ethereal. White Tea is excellent if you want something calm and relaxing. A great scent if you’re aiming to go under the radar, but not entirely unnoticed. 

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