4 reasons why you should switch scents now

We get it, you absolutely love your perfume. It’s not uncommon to stick with a scent you’ve worn for so many years; it’s safe, familiar, and feels like home. 

Your fragrance has been such an integral part of your life that a whiff of your trail and people can tell you’ve passed by. It’s become synonymous to you and your personality, and parting with it can be a challenging ordeal. 

But hear us out. 

Swapping scents every now and then has a range of surprising benefits. Here’s what happens when you try on something new.   

1. You’re bound to enjoy new scents 

Perfume with rose petals

Fun fact: you always see your nose, it’s just that your brain stops processing it, thereby making it seem ‘invisible’. The brain often ignores constant and insignificant visual information, and the same goes when you habituate to scent. 

Sticking to just one scent for many years has made you accustomed to its smell so that you hardly notice it – in effect you derive little pleasure from it. Swapping to a new scent every now and then may help you notice it more, and therefore enjoy it more! 

2. You’re less likely to overspray new scents 

Woman spraying on perfume

Scent habituation causes us to smell less of scent over time. This is the reason why most people who’ve worn the same perfumes for years feel like their scent is starting to lose its power. To remedy this, most people spray more of their perfume to combat their accustomed nose. The result? A cloying and overpowering mess. 

Switching to a new scent will make you more sensitive to the unfamiliar aroma, thereby making you more judicious with spritzing it on. 

3. You can adapt to the seasons or occasion 

Hand holding a tommy perfume

A sweet and lilting fragrance may smell darling during the rainy days, but come summer, it’s bound to choke everyone within an arm’s length. A sexy and smoldering perfume may sweep your date off his feet, but not in the office where light and professional fragrances are often recommended. 

So what’s the takeaway here? While it’s okay to remain loyal to your perfume, those who are open to trying out new fragrances have the versatility to adapt to an occasion or weather! 

4. Maintain the element of surprise 

Woman holding a chanel perfume

Having a signature scent can be awesome, but nothing beats surprising people with a new scent that you’re wearing once you walk through the door. 

Remember, if your nose gets used to a scent, people who are always near you are likely to be victims of scent habituation as well, which means they smell less and less of your perfume the more you wear it. Surprise your friends and family with a fragrance that you love and they’re bound to enjoy it more too! 

Switching scents is akin to switching the décor in your home – it gives people a new perspective of you, while also telling them how creative and willing you are to experiment. 

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