Don't make these summer perfume application mistakes

Summer brings all sorts of challenges for perfume lovers. The hot and balmy Philippine weather can throw fragrance compositions out of whack and leave you smelling like a wet rag.

This summer, don’t fall for the mistake of applying too much, too little, or selecting the wrong fragrance. Check out the common boo-boos people often make when wearing perfumes for the summer.

1. Going heavy 

Versace Man Eau Fraiche

Versace Man Eau Fraiche

When it comes to selecting summer fragrances, it’s best to choose a lighter scent with a smaller percentage of essential oils. Take soaring temperatures as your cue to stay away from Eau de Parfum (EDP), which contains higher essential oil percentages. 

EDPs can be cloying during summertime as heat makes them evaporate and dissipate faster in the air. Consider opting for ‘Eau Fraiche' fragrances, body mists, or colognes that are lighter to wear. Good selections include Versace Men Eau Fraiche (P3,095), Elizabeth Arden Green Tea (P1,295), and Perry Ellis 360 Degrees Red Body Mist Spray (P690). 

If you really can’t give up your perfumes, consider wearing them only at night when it’s cooler, while wearing lighter fragrances during the daytime. 

2. Not knowing your notes

In the same way you won’t wear a sweater during summer, there are certain perfume notes that are best eschewed during hotter weather. Fresh, natural, or nature-inspired notes are often the best selections during summer so keep your eyes peeled for elements like citrus, herbs (mint is a go-to summer note!), and light fruits and florals like peach, jasmine, peony, freesia, and magnolia. 

Avoid headache-inducing notes that are intensified by heat, including heavy floral blends, patchouli, vanilla, and syrupy or sugary aromas. A good tip when selecting fragrances is to go with notes that remind you of summer (e.g. citrus, berries, flowers, green grass). 

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3. Wearing non-summer friendly fragrances 

Bvlgari Omnia Coral

Bvlgari Omnia Coral

A great way to know what scent to wear for the summer is to look through fragrances you already own. Find out if your favorite brand makes summer scents or a summer version of their popular fragrances where they amp up lighter floral and citrus notes and tone down heavy ones. 

Calvin Klein CK One Summer (P2,745) is a popular summer rendition of the massively popular CK One, while Bvlgari Omnia Coral (P3,095) is the most summer-friendly in the women’s Bvlgari Omnia line. 

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4. Applying too much or too little

The sweltering heat of summer can shorten the longevity of your fragrances, as high body heat causes the alcohol in your perfumes to evaporate faster. This means that you have to reapply your perfumes frequently during summer, but don’t overdo them. The trick is to apply less perfume more often, so you don’t choke out a room. 

5. Not layering 

Layering your perfumes is a great way to make them last longer. If your chosen perfume line has a scented soap or body lotion, try using them alongside your chosen fragrance. Be aware, however, that competing scents can make you smell like a cloying perfume cocktail. Skip strongly scented soaps and lotions so they don’t compete with your main scent.

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