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Article: The ultimate guide on how to choose a perfume as a gift

The ultimate guide on how to choose a perfume as a gift

The ultimate guide on how to choose a perfume as a gift

Perfumes are personal gifts; the gift giver needs to know a lot about the receiver when shopping for the perfect scent. When you don’t know what your recipient wants, fragrance hunting can be a real ordeal.

But don’t fret! With a little detective work, some smarts, and a whole lot of smelling, anyone can find the perfect perfume for their beloved. Here are tried and tested tips to follow when adding scents to your gift cart.

1. Study the recipient. 

Before anything else, do some detective work. Try to find out the collection of fragrances the wearer currently has, paying close attention to his or her favorites.

If you’re giving the wearer a surprise gift, ask for his or her preferences discreetly: “You smell good today! What are you wearing?” That should give you enough intel without revealing your intent.

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2. Research and do your homework

Once you’ve sussed out his go-to fragrances, do a quick internet search on similar scents, ask an in-store fragrance expert, or ask us. We have knowledgeable customer service representatives who can answer your fragrance-related questions.

Alternatively, you can type keywords on our search bar to come up with possible fragrances. Typing “floral”, “aquatic”, “rose”, or “musk” will pull up all the scents in our library that contains the mentioned elements. Easy peasy.

3. Take yourself out of the equation.

When it comes to choosing perfumes as gifts, following your preferences can do more harm than good. In other words, it’s not about what you like or what you think smells good, but what your friend likes or what smells good on her.

Never give a perfume that you think the wearer will go gaga over just because it pleases your olfactory. We don’t mean to belittle your personal taste, but the secret of giving excellent gifts is thinking of the recipient (rather than yourself).

4. Focus on personality

We describe perfumes in the same way we describe people. Words like bright, lively, light, deep, and intense are all adjectives that describe scents, but they’re human traits as well. In other words, when selecting a perfume, try ignoring the fragrance’s chemical characteristics and focus instead on the wearer’s personality traits. 

Is the wearer bright and bubbly? Clinique Happy for women might suit her. Is the recipient of the life of the party? Paco Rabanne Invictus might be right up his alley. The better you can match perfume to personality, the close you are to finding the perfect scent.

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5. Select safe scents. 

When all else fails, stick to well-loved “safe” scents. A great way to do this is by selecting ‘fresh’ scents, which are generally considered the most attractive. Fresh scents, especially those with vanilla, musk, or soft florals, are commonly listed in people’s favorite scents. 

On the other hand, when choosing men’s cologne, consider going with something that smells ‘clean’. Clean scents are often composed of lavender, sage, or basil - this combination is called a fougère (90% of the top 20 fragrances in the men’s market are based on this concoction). 

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