Choosing a gift? Here are 6 reasons why perfumes are the best choice

Browsed dozens of catalogs but can’t think of anything to buy as a gift? We feel you. Selecting something that signifies you care can be a long and challenging process. If you’re at your wit’s end, know this: perfumes can be the absolute best choice. Still need convincing? Here’s why:

1. Perfumes are personal

Selecting a perfume for someone requires knowing the recipient’s preferences, individual personality, and character. This makes fragrances deeply personal gifts that your beloved will surely appreciate.

Picking a perfume is easy with a few guidelines. How old is the recipient? What are her favorite scents? What fragrance notes appeals to her? Does she like something sweet or something floral? From there you can select something that is similar but new.

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2. Perfumes have an attractive price range

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for something luxurious or affordable, there’s perfume out there that’s sure to fit your budget (to date, the cheapest fragrances in our collection is P500, but you’ll find more than a dozen options lower than P995). If you’re willing to splurge to show your love,  you’ll find hundreds of designer fragrances that will not disappoint.

3. Perfumes can be genderless

One of the challenges of buying a gift is the concern for the recipient’s gender. While most gifts are gender-sensitive, perfumes can be entirely genderless thanks to the slew of unisex perfumes that have launched in the last few years. If you can’t decide which to buy, check out Calvin Klein CK2 or Hermes' genderless Le Jardin de Monsieur Li collection.

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4. Perfume options are great

Most of us dread the thought of buying a gift that the recipient already has, but you can never have too many fragrance options.  Even if the recipient already has a signature scent, they’ll most likely welcome a new entry to their fragrance collection. Notes in scents have a massive range, and having a new perfume in your arsenal means you’ll have something to wear for the right occasion.

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5. Perfumes are a luxury good

When we say luxury good, we mean “things that aren’t on top of someone’s stuff-to-buy list”. Receiving a perfume allows the wearer to try out new scents - a privilege not everyone gets to enjoy when luxury goods are often the last on the list of a person’s needed beauty products. Giving the gift of scent allows the wearer to branch out and try something new.

6. Perfumes trigger memories

Looking for a gift that the recipient will surely remember you buy? Choose perfumes. We already know how the olfactory plays a big part in triggering memories. When was the last time you smelled perfume and immediately thought of someone?

Perfumes are wearable and when a fragrance is associated with you as the gift giver, the recipient will most likely remember you every time she spritzes it on. Very few gifts have this effect on people and this is a great way to leave a lasting imprint on someone!

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