Perfume for Every Occasion for Men and Women

Improve your style and presence by pairing it with the perfect perfume, no matter what occasion. Whether you're attending a party, going on a date for the first time with someone you really like, making a good first impression, or standing out from the crowd, let a few drops of perfume lift you up and wrap up your entire look. It's the invisible accessory that greatly impacts a quite a good impression, aside from the clothes you're wearing, or what designer shoe you have on.



Here are a few notes and perfume brands you can rely on for every occasion.

On Work Days

Workdays may be long and stressful, that's what it's advisable to use long-lasting scents that are neither too inappropriate for the workplace, nor too specific. Be a team player; any employer or colleague would turn their nose up at an over-perfumed employee and it can get pretty annoying for the overwhelming scent that enters the office. Wear a perfume with light with aromatic undertones that have a refreshing, pleasant scent, that can keep you fresh all day, without causing any ruckus or headaches with your workmates.

Wear to Feel: Exhilarated, Refreshed, Delicate

  • for Men: 212 EDT for men (Carolina Herrera), Polo Blue (Ralph Lauren)
  • for Women: Karl Lagerfeld EDP for women, Omnia Crystalline EDT (Bvlgari)


On Business Meetings

Your perfume acts as an extension of yourself. In this case where you reflect your power and will at work, bolder perfumes help accentuate your individuality, which can give your business partners that affirmation that you can be trusted.

Wear to Feel: Confident, Driven, Decisive

  • for Men: Pour Homme Bvlgari Extreme EDT (Bvlgari), Acqua Di Gio EDP (Armani)
  • for Women: Signorina (Salvatore Ferragamo), Tresor (Lancome)


On A Romantic Date

To help cool the nerves with the tension, the anticipation, and the expectations, using an appropriate perfume is key. A balance of something not too sexy, captivating and sensual can be worn to make the date memorable. No matter what scent you're using, make sure that it is not overused and abused as it may have an opposite effect.

Wear to Feel: Sensual, Romantic

  • for Men: First Instinct (Abercrombie & Fitch)
  • for Women: Lady Million EDP (Paco Rabanne), Love Story (Chloé)


On GNOs (Girls/Guys Night Out)

The weekend is devoted to letting your worries go and relax your mind from work. Catch up with your friends or colleagues by switching up your fragrance into something more relaxed and free. Switch up your mood and your scent from business, to pleasure.

Wear to Feel: Free, Outgoing

  • for Men: Guilty Pour Homme (Gucci), Prada Amber Pour Homme Intense (Prada)
  • for Women: Marc Jacobs Fragrances Daisy Eau So Fresh, Burberry Weekend for Women


Celebrating Special Occasions

For occasions like your birthday celebration, your parents' anniversary party, a formal gala, the best perfume to choose can either reflect how you want other people to see you, or how you express your personality. Innovative fragrances are recommended to be used for these events than something more usual, but the scent you choose is still up to you.

Wear to Feel: Charismatic, Sophisticated, Debonair/Vivacious (or wear a perfume that reflects you at your best)

  • for Men: Eros EDT (Versace), Issey Miyake Leau Dissey Men
  • for Women: Beautiful Belle EDP (Estee Lauder), My Burberry (Burberry)


You'll definitely make a mark when you express yourself with your personal style. Spruce it up with the suitable scent for your personality and every kind of event. 

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