The Best Scent for Your Zodiac Sign

The sense of smell is said to be much powerful than our sight. Wearing the right perfume can be one of your best assets that can help project your inner strength, and can empower and motivate you throughout your day.

Identifying your go-to perfume is an immensely personal experience. Subconsciously, choosing the right one has a tendency for you to look for the scent that mostly embodies characteristics that you can apply to your zodiac sign. 



To help unravel your astral being at its best, find out which scents will suit you, based on your star sign.


Your traits: confident, eager, dynamic, quick, and competitive



  • Aries men are known to be alpha males. They are defined as leaders of the pack, with a 'never say die' attitude.
  • Recommended scent: perfume notes rosemary, cypress, bergamot, oranges like Clinique Happy for men or Guy Laroche



  • Aries women are known to be passionate. They are perfectionists and also powerful people.
  • Recommended scent: perfume notes: clove, neroli, juniper, and black pepper-like Gucci Guilty  or Carolina Herrera VIP 212 



Your traits: kind, strong, dependable, sensual, and creative




  • Taurus women are known to be romantics at heart. They are known to be classy and sassy.
  • Recommended scent: rose, honeysuckle, cinnamon, apple or magnolia like 

    Moschino Funny! and CK Eternity for Women



Your traits: versatile, expressive, curious, kind and charismatic



  • Known to be suave, generous, driven, and friendly. They are great communicators, armed with charm and wit.
  • Recommended scent: aromatic spices, juicy citrus, and warm dessert notes like vanilla, amber, or chocolate like the Bvlgari Man Extreme or the Christian Dior Sauvage EDP


  • Gemini women are playful and witty. They also love having fun.
  •  Recommended scent: light and fresh notes like mint, lavender, lemongrass, citrus, and sweet pea-like the Vera Wang EDP or Jovan Musk



Your traits: protective, harmonious, intuitive, sentimental, compassionate



  • loyalty and empathy describe a man with a Cancer sign.  They are also known to have a strong exterior with a soft, sensitive, romantic interior. 
  • Recommended scent: marine notes and warm, homey notes like sandalwood like the Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio or  Carolina Herrera VIP 212 


  • Cancer sign women are sensitive, kind and emotional. Strong and fierce as they may seem, these women still often shy away when they express their feelings.
  • Recommended scent: rosemary, chamomile, jasmine, and lily-like the 

    Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio EDT and Tressor by Lancome



Your traits: strong, dramatic, outgoing, fiery, self-assured



  • Their fearless nature and bravery exudes them and leaves a lasting impression, effortlessly. Leos are also warm-hearted, passionate, sincere and enthusiastic.
  • Recommended scent: basil, ginger, lime, woody notes like rosemary, and junipers like the Hugo Boss Element or Versace Eros


  • Leo women stand out with their sense of style and taste. They have a strong personality that can command a crowd and call their attention to just being there.
  • Recommended scent: patchouli, basil and woody scents like the Elizabeth Arden Green Tea or DKNY Be Delicious Donna Karan



Your traits: practical, loyal, gentle, analytical, and elegant



  •  Virgo men are known to be detail-driven and methodical. They highly value honest truth, loyalty, kindness, and community-building.
  • perfume notes: crisp, clean, citrus, woody and green scents like the Calvin Klein Intense or Bvlgari Pour Homme 


  • Virgo women are known to be loyal and gentle. They are usually soft-spoken. When you're on their good side, they will look out for you and they will show you how to celebrate life.
  • Recommended scent: sage, lemon, and oakmoss like the Ralph Lauren Romance EDP or the Cacharel Anais EDT



Your traits: tranquil, social, fair, diplomatic, and gracious



  • Libra men are great negotiators and peacemakers. They are great at resolving conflict as they strive to assure everyone around them to stay calm and contented.
  • Recommended scent: light, bright citrus, or mellow incense, juniper, fig, and violets like the Coach Platinum or Prada Amber Man



  • Libra women are charming, graceful and attractive. They are fully aware of their strengths and weaknesses and they are smooth and diplomatic, which helps them to quickly resolve conflict.
  • Recommended scent: chamomile and rose or grapefruit and geraniums like the Paris Hilton or Daisy by Marc Jacobs



Your traits: passionate, stubborn, emotional, honest, fair, and brave



  • Scorpio men are known to be very direct, mysterious, and intense. They have a 'work hard, play hard' attitude, paired with a calm and cool behavior.
  • Recommended scent: seductive florals, earthy musk, and exotic amber like the Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche or Polo Black by Ralph Lauren


  • Scorpio women are confident, sensual, playful, intense, passionate, and magnetic. They are smooth and direct when it comes to friendship and romance and is passionate and secretive, making them mysterious.
  • Recommended scent: musky, floral notes like hyacinth and tuberose, and woody scents like the D&G Light Blue or the My Burberry EDT



Your traits: adventurous, extroverted, optimistic, funny, and generous



  • Sagittarian men love the outdoors. They are generous, open-minded, curious, and energetic. They are idealistic and they enjoy traveling the most and embracing their freedom.
  • Recommended scent: earthy notes like vetiver and moss, sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh, and rose like the Bvlgari Pour Homme or the Gucci Guilty Men


  • Women born Sagittarius are addictive in a way that once you get to know them, you can never get enough of them. They have a warm, adventurous personality and a positive spirit.
  • Recommended scent: bergamot, saffron, sandalwood, clove, rosemary, and citrus-like lemon the Gucci Guilty or Burberry Weekend



Your traits: determined, serious, independent, disciplined, and tenacious



  • Capricorn men are focused, practical, trustworthy and disciplined. They silently pursue their lives with immense determination. In conflict, they remain calm, logical and independent.
  • Perfume notes: vanilla, fig, lavender, and earthy fruits like the 


  • Capricorn women are a powerhouse. They are a fierce mix of old-soul wisdom and inner resourcefulness and they do not show their sensitive and emotional side. They are smart, hardworking, and in full control of their destiny.
  • Recommended scent: lilac, tulips, mimosas, myrrh, and vetiver



Your traits: deep, imaginative, original, and uncompromising



  • Aquarian men are known to be idealists, rebels, and fighters among all the star signs. They tend to always be a step ahead as they like to tread towards a fresh, new approach. They are quick, intellectual and innovative. Recommended scent: airy, aquatic, light, ethereal scents, paired with mint, geranium, and powdery accents like the  Bvlgari Pour Homme


  • Aquarian women are mysterious and unique. They are born leaders and love to spend most of her time by themselves, yet she is also very comfortable with her own set of peers.
  •  perfume notes: pine, anise, basil and patchouli like the Christian Dior J'adore



Your traits: creative, affectionate, empathetic, wise, and artistic



  • Are gentle, patient, and easygoing. They are generous and are very sensitive to other people's feelings around them. They are mysterious, alluring, versatile, and receptive to new ideas. They are artistic and at times more emotional than rational, instinctive than intellectual.
  • Recommended scent: light citrus, vanilla, sandalwood, and subtle spices like ginger and clove-like the Azzaro Chrome


  • Piscean women are smart, creative, and intuitive. They are known to be dreamers who are not afraid to dream big. With their strong intuition, they can determine whether someone or something is good or bad, consciously reasoning with their deep intelligence.
  • Recommended scent: gardenia, orange, apple, jasmine, and cedarwood like the Christian Dior J'adore



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