Move over his and hers, genderless scents are on the rise

There's a massive movement towards more fluid gender expression and perfumers are hopping on board. Big designer names like Gucci and Celine are basking in this newfound freedom with scents that completely eschew the rigid rules of his and hers. Today, we’re joining the clamor for unisex perfumes with a resounding message: It’s about damn time. 

The big brands are in on it

In August 2019, Gucci teamed up with Harry Styles to launch the brand's gender-neutral fragrance called Memoire d'une Odeir. Kept in a gorgeous green bottle, the mineral aromatic perfume is "a universal perfume unassigned with a gender or a time... an elixir that transcends gender by its individuality.” 

Celine's 11-flacon collection of fragrances launched in 2019 is entirely unisex (inspired by designer Heidi Slimane’s gender-fluid interpretation of the brand). Titled "Haute Parfumerie", the range features eight "day" fragrances" and three "evening" scents with tree moss, rose, iris, or chypre accords. 

Niche brands like Frederic Malle, Byredo, Escentric Molecules, and Diptique are also helping overturn the stereotypes with a slew of exciting new unisex fragrances.

Unisex perfumes on the rise

Subliminal messaging around scents still proliferate in the way perfumes are marketed towards men and women. It's a silent rule we've been taught ever since childhood, that women's perfumes should smell saccharinely sweet and floral, while men's perfumes should give off smoky, leathery, or musky accords.

But a deeper look at perfume development reflects a different trend: gender-neutral fragrance launches accounted for 17% of the market in 2010. This grew to 51% by 2018 - a clear reflection of today’s changing times. 

Why we’re embracing the change

We at embrace the freedom of expression. Subscribing to traditional gender norms is limiting yourself to a particular scent. If you’re a man who thinks Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste smells good, who’s stopping your bearded self from spritzing it on? If you love it on yourself, does it really matter?

The Unisex Fragrances We Love

Calvin Klein CK2

Calvin Klein CK2

CK2 is the brand's latest gender-free creation intended for the Millennial generation. This urban and woody scent opens with unique notes of wasabi, violet leaf, and mandarin. 

Later, the scent takes on something truly unusual: notes of concrete and wet cobblestones, orris root, rose, vetiver, sandalwood, and incense begin to emerge. The result is a unisex scent that evokes ocean-drenched air - raw, fresh, and exciting. 

Les Infusions De Prada Iris Cedre EDP

Les Infusions De Prada Iris Cedre EDP

Les Infusions De Prada Iris Cedre EDP is a fresh-out-of-the-shower unisex scent with impressive longevity. Iris Cedre is one of the six entries from Prada's Infusion collection (we boldly claim that this entry is the best). Iris Cedre is fresh and clean with a soapy and powdery scent, featuring notes of iris, cedar, benzoin, neroli, and incense.   

Calvin Klein CK One

Calvin Klein CK One

When CK One launched in 1994, it was the scent of the decade - a definite must-have fragrance for anyone under 30. Top notes of lemon, orange, and pineapple melt into subtly soapy and floral notes. 

The steamy dry-down of oakmoss, sandalwood, and cedar made us think about sex (though most of us were too young to know what it meant). Decades later and it's still one of the most iconic unisex fragrances ever created (thank you Alberto Morillas), and definitely one of our top favorites!

Benetton Hot & Cold

Benetton Hot & Cold

Unisex perfumes are often hit or miss, but both Benetton Hot & Cold a crowd-pleaser. Launched in 1997 in trendy tap-like bottles, these gender-friendly fragrances are some of the most affordable designer scents in our collection. 

Benetton Cold is a juicy citrus aromatic with tangy notes of bergamot, coriander, lavender, and white musk, while Benetton Hot is an oriental fragrance featuring notes of mandarin orange, apricot, sandalwood, and vanilla. No matter which variant you choose, it's hard to be disappointed. 

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