Brand Spotlight: CLEAN

The truth of the matter is, not everyone loves perfumes. Sensitive noses are the first to turn down a cloying scent and the last to display interest in the idea of spritzing on something new. Life’s hard for the picky olfactory, and subtle and light scents can be few and far in between. For those fussy with fragrances, CLEAN was made. 

CLEAN is a line of ‘non-perfumed’ fragrances developed by Fusion Brands USA, a multi-national boutique luxury beauty firm headed by Greg Black. Ever since 2003, CLEAN has been innovating fragrances with a belief in sustainable beauty and eco-conscious philosophy. CLEAN doesn’t only smell good. It’s good for the planet too. 

The non-perfumed perfume

Clean perfume

Use CLEAN perfumes if you loathe overpowering scents and don’t like making a statement when walking into a room. If you like to smell good for yourself and for people close by, this set of fragrances will appeal to you. 

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Simple inspirations

Clean Classic Perfume

Initially inspired by a bar of soap, the fragrance of CLEAN has since then evolved to evoke other familiar memories like clean linens, warm cotton, and fresh towels just out of the dryer.

After releasing their classic fragrances from their original House of CLEAN line, a cult following has developed and new scents have been introduced since then. 

One of the brand’s most recent lines, CLEAN Reserve, is a farm-to-fragrance collection crafted from the perfumer’s reserve collections. RESERVE Avant Garden is one of the brand’s newer lines –  an evocative garden-to-fragrance collection that features three or more sustainable ingredients. 

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Sustainability at its core

Clean Classic Fresh Laundry

The call for perfumers to integrate sustainability in their fragrance development process has never been stronger in our age of climate change. CLEAN has a strong commitment to producing sustainable perfumes through processes. 

From harvesting and planting more sustainably to supporting communities and farmers by protecting livelihoods, CLEAN always strives to be an eco-conscious brand.

For a lower carbon footprint, CLEAN has partnered up with 100% solar-powered manufacturing facilities. In addition, all its packaging materials are biodegradable and recyclable. 

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Our favorite CLEAN scents

CLEAN Fresh Laundry

Clean Fresh Laundry

If you’re comforted by the smell of fresh laundry just out of the dryer like most people are, you’ll love this Fresh Laundry. This summer-friendly perfume features top notes are comprised of juicy orange, zesty lime, and green grass.

The middle notes gain a touch of floral from sweet jasmine and romantic rose. Finally, vanilla-tinged heliotrope, earthy woody notes, and warming musk come together to form the scent’s base.

CLEAN Shower Fresh

Clean Shower Fresh

Shower Fresh smells like you spent hours soaking in a bathtub, with top notes of lemon, mandarin, and orange, middle notes of orange blossom, jasmine, and lily of the valley, and base notes of musk & sheer woods. It’s bright, citrusy, and sexy. 

CLEAN Cashmere

Clean Cashmere

Cashmere evokes the feeling of being wrapped in the most precious cashmere. It has a soothing softness and warmth that puts you in a relaxing mood. Notes of sparkling bergamot, lime, bright mimosa, velvet jasmine, and subtle guaiac wood combine to create a subtle yet sophisticated fragrance. 

CLEAN Cool Cotton

Clean Cool Cotton

Blue Skies was inspired by blue skies, sunshine, and the soothing texture of soft cotton. The top notes are bergamot, green apple, and lemon peel, middle notes are mimosa, mint, and cotton flower, and base notes are white musk, peach, and amber.

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