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Benetton United Dreams Aim High 2-Piece Gift Set For Men

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The kit contains:
1 Men's Perfume Benetton United Dreams Aim High EDT - 100ml
1 Men's Deodorant 24h Benetton United Dreams Aim High - 150ml

United Dreams: Benetton's new men's collection

Make your dreams
come true Some are waiting for the moment to arrive. Others create the opportunity. Some run away from failure. Others learn from their own mistakes. Some let themselves be carried away by doubts. Others make decisions. Some dream. Others make their dreams come true.
United Dreams launches its men's collection: three fragrances for those who believe that the power of dreams is the engine of change, three perfumes that remind us that there is no dream that cannot be fulfilled.

Strength, courage and courage to make a dream come true
United Colors of Benetton presents its new collection of men's fragrances within the universe of United Dreams . With a powerful and direct message, the brand continues to inspire all those who do not give up chasing their dreams so that they continue to move forward until they can achieve them. An objective that involves the entire launch, from the campaign to the product, and that continues with the brand's dreamy line of women's perfumes.
Aim High wants to motivate the decision to pursue dreams until they become reality: a dose of strength, courage and courage together in one perfume. An aromatic perfume full of masculine sensuality.

Modern and with personality
The new United Dreams line has a modern and personality bottle, made of robust glass and angular lines. The octagonal cap gives the bottle the finishing touch and encloses a design in harmony with the women's collection, perfectly completing the United Dreams universe .

The Return of the Dreamy Revolution
The dreamy revolution of United Dreams is back with a very masculine touch brought by the Aim High fragrance . The perfume from United Colors of Benetton presents itself in an inspiring and exclusive campaign that radiates a dreamy energy.
Enthusiasm, triumph, decision and strong character define the look and spot of this new launch of the brand, where all those who fight and pursue their dreams are motivated to keep trying until they achieve them.
A campaign that breathes the strength of United Dreams , the strength of those who believe that dreams are the key to effecting change.


Gender: Masculine
Concentration: Eau de Toilette - EDT
Olfactory Family: Woody, Aromatic
Top Notes: Grapefruit, Bitter Orange and Lemon
Heart Notes: Mint, Geranium, Sage and Nutmeg
Base Notes: Patchouli, Vetiver, Moss and Amber
Intensity: Light / Moderate
Fixing Time: Average
Occasion Day
Seasonality: Spring
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Benetton United Dreams Aim High 2-Piece Gift Set For Men
Benetton United Dreams Aim High 2-Piece Gift Set For Men Sale price₱2,395.00 Regular price₱4,995.00

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