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Bvlgari Amara 100ml

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Aqva Amara, a new flanker of the masculine fragrance Aqva from Bvlgari, represents a new twist in the creation of aquatic perfumes. Perfumer Jacques Cavallier enriched the composition with noble ingredients making it more luxurious, while trying to preserve the distinctive aquatic and Mediterranean character. Aqva Amara, or "bitter water", is a fragrance filled with energy and light symbolized with its copper color bottle. The composition includes accords of Sicilian mandarin mixed with oil of neroli flower. The base notes are Indonesian patchouli and white incense olibanum.

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Customer Reviews

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Jander (Manila, PH)
Strength Of The Ocean

This fragrance is tagged as the "Strength Of The Ocean". When I wear this perfume, I feel like I'm a strong, powerful, seductive and attractive hero, not Aqua Man but instead, I feel like I am 'The Ocean Master'! A great scent mandarin, citrusy, floral and very masculine fragrance! It smells so good and very long lasting! I received a lot of compliments from women when I wear this perfume. An excellent choice during summer season!

Jappy (Talisay City, PH)
Bulgari Aqua Amara

Authentic Perfume + Affordable Price + Fast Delivery = One happy customer. 👌👌👌

Kilks (Lipa City, PH)
One of the Best from Bvlgari House!

Thanks Perfume Philippines for the great limited product, Aqva Amara. Been looking for this product wc is very difficult to find. Will enjoy this summery vibe fragrance. Will order again from you guys in the near future.

J.J. (Cabezon de la Sal, ES)

No more stocks for this?

S D. (Makati City, PH)
Legit and Authentic

Well packaged and delivered earlier than scheduled. Authentic and rare perfume,

Brian (Silang, PH)

Quick delivery to the province! It doesn’t last as long as I expected as I got the reformulated version but smells great and good for a discontinued fragrance!

Paolo D.L. (Quezon City, PH)
100% authentic, fast

received the day after it shipped. legit. will order again.

Jerund N. (Quezon City, PH)

Sellers are legit. I already bought 3 items here, the only problem is the courier that doesnt text when the parcel is near or will be delivered on that day. Anyway, it is an isolated case and its a different review so i give this a 5 star. Have ysl l homme or la nuit very pleaseee! Thank you :)

ronald (Quezon City, PH)
smells fresh

Smell doesnt last long as other reviews have claimed

What is Bvlgari Amara?
Bvlgari Amara, also known as Bvlgari Aqva Amara, is a popular men's fragrance by the renowned Italian luxury brand Bvlgari. It is known for its invigorating and aquatic character, offering a blend of marine and woody notes.

What Are the Key Notes in Bvlgari Amara?
Bvlgari Amara features a distinctive combination of notes, including mandarin, neroli, and patchouli. These notes create an invigorating and masculine fragrance with a touch of warmth.

When Is the Best Time to Wear Bvlgari Amara?
Bvlgari Amara is designed for daytime wear and is particularly suitable for spring and summer seasons. It's an excellent choice when you want to feel refreshed and confident.

Is Bvlgari Amara Long-Lasting?
Bvlgari Amara is known for its moderate longevity, providing a scent that lasts throughout the day. It offers an invigorating and aquatic fragrance experience.

Is Bvlgari Amara Suitable for All Ages?
Bvlgari Amara is a versatile fragrance suitable for men of various ages. Its invigorating and masculine character appeals to those who enjoy a fresh and confident scent.

How Would You Describe the Scent of Bvlgari Amara?
Bvlgari Amara is best described as an invigorating and masculine fragrance with a unique twist. It opens with the refreshing note of mandarin, followed by the aromatic and citrusy notes of neroli and the earthy warmth of patchouli, creating a distinctive and confident aroma.

Can Bvlgari Amara be Worn in the Evening?
While Bvlgari Amara is primarily designed for daytime wear, its invigorating and confident character also makes it suitable for casual evening events, particularly during warm seasons. It offers a refreshing and bold aura.

Is Bvlgari Amara Cruelty-Free?
Bvlgari is dedicated to ethical practices and aims to ensure that their fragrances are not tested on animals. They also strive to work with suppliers who follow these ethical standards.

Where can I buy Bvlgari Amara 100ml Perfume online in the Philippines?
Bvlgari Amara 100ml is available at Perfume Philippines at affordable price. Visit website