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Calvin Klein CK Everyone EDT 200ml

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Calvin Klein CK Everyone EDT 200ml is a unisex fragrance that embodies the spirit of inclusivity and freedom. It is designed for individuals who embrace diversity, individuality, and self-expression. This refreshing and invigorating scent is perfect for everyday wear, providing a burst of energy and confidence.

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Customer Reviews

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Cesar D. (Calauan, PH)
Legitimate brand

Nothing I can say… buy from this site.

Elijah P. (Manila, PH)
CK Everyone

First time ordering from here. Was delivered on time. Smells great. I wouldn't call it GENDERLESS but yes the scent is aquatic

What is Calvin Klein CK Everyone Eau de Toilette?
CK Everyone is a fragrance by Calvin Klein. It's known for its unisex, clean, and eco-conscious composition.

What are the key notes in this fragrance?
The key notes in CK Everyone Eau de Toilette typically include organic orange oil, blue tea accord, and cedarwood in the heart of the fragrance. The use of natural and sustainable ingredients is a distinctive feature of this fragrance.

Is CK Everyone considered a unisex fragrance?
Yes, CK Everyone is marketed as a unisex fragrance, designed to be suitable for people of all genders.

What is the lasting power of this fragrance?
The lasting power of a fragrance can vary from person to person, but Eau de Toilette fragrances like CK Everyone generally have moderate longevity, lasting several hours.

When and where is it best to wear this fragrance?
CK Everyone is designed to be a versatile and everyday fragrance. It's suitable for casual wear and can be worn year-round. Its fresh and clean character makes it a good choice for daytime use.

Is CK Everyone an eco-conscious fragrance?
Yes, CK Everyone is marketed as an eco-conscious fragrance. Calvin Klein has made efforts to use sustainable and natural ingredients in its composition, and the packaging is designed to be recyclable.

Is CK Everyone a popular fragrance?
Popularity can vary, but CK Everyone has been well-received for its clean and environmentally-conscious approach, which appeals to those who value sustainability in their products.

Is there a recommended age group for wearing CK Everyone?
CK Everyone is designed to be suitable for a wide range of age groups, making it versatile and adaptable to different preferences.

Where can I buy Calvin Klein CK Everyone EDT 200ml Perfume online in the Philippines?
Calvin Klein CK Everyone EDT 200ml is available at Perfume Philippines at affordable price. Visit website