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Classic Warm Cotton EDP 60ml

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Introducing Clean Classic Warm Cotton, a timeless fragrance that encapsulates the comforting and fresh scent of freshly laundered linens. With its 60ml size, this fragrance is perfect for everyday wear and on-the-go use.

Clean Classic Warm Cotton opens with crisp top notes of citrus and lemon, which give way to a heart of delicate floral notes like lilac and jasmine. The base notes of amber and musk provide a soft, cozy finish that lingers on your skin, reminiscent of your favorite, perfectly laundered cotton.

This fragrance is a celebration of simplicity and purity, offering a clean and comforting aura that is both elegant and understated. It's an ideal choice for those who appreciate the beauty of life's little pleasures and seek a scent that evokes a sense of warmth and familiarity.

Add Clean Classic Warm Cotton 60ml to your fragrance collection and experience the joy of wearing a scent that brings a sense of cleanliness and comfort wherever you go.

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Clean-Classic Warm Cotton EDP 60ml-Eau De Parfum
Classic Warm Cotton EDP 60ml Sale price₱2,695.00 Regular price₱3,900.00

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What is "Classic Warm Cotton Eau de Parfum"?
"Classic Warm Cotton Eau de Parfum" is a fragrance designed to evoke the comforting and cozy scent of freshly laundered cotton. It's known for its soft and clean aroma.

How would you describe the scent profile of "Classic Warm Cotton EDP"?
"Classic Warm Cotton Eau de Parfum" offers a simple yet inviting scent profile. It typically features notes that capture the essence of clean, warm laundry, with elements such as citrus, floral, and musk.

When is the best time to wear "Classic Warm Cotton EDP"?
This fragrance is perfect for daily wear, especially during the warmer seasons. It's ideal for those who appreciate a clean and fresh scent that's not overpowering.

What is the recommended way to apply "Classic Warm Cotton EDP" for the best effect?
To enhance the longevity and projection of the fragrance, apply it to pulse points, such as your wrists, neck, and behind your ears. These areas emit heat, allowing the scent to develop and last.

Can I layer "Classic Warm Cotton EDP" with other grooming products or fragrances?
Layering this fragrance with complementary grooming products or other scents can be an enjoyable way to personalize your fragrance experience. Experiment to find combinations that suit your preferences.

How long can I expect "Classic Warm Cotton EDP" to last on my skin?
The longevity of a fragrance can vary based on factors like your skin type and the environment. Eau de Parfum formulations are known for their extended wear, often lasting several hours.

Is "Classic Warm Cotton EDP" tested on animals, or is it vegan?
Information regarding the cruelty-free status or vegan nature of the product can usually be found on the brand's official website or by contacting the brand directly.

How should I store "Classic Warm Cotton EDP" to maintain its quality?
Store the Eau de Parfum in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Keeping the bottle tightly closed can help preserve its quality and prevent evaporation.

Where can I buy Classic Warm Cotton EDP 60ml Perfume online in the Philippines?
Classic Warm Cotton EDP 60ml is available at Perfume Philippines at affordable price. Visit website