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Gucci Guilty Women 75ml

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Gucci Guilty by Gucci 75ml Eau De Toilette Spray for Women. Gucci Guilty is about breaking social conventions and the feeling that you can attain whatever you want. It is about pushing your personal boundaries and experiencing the thrill of the forbidden, so you feel free and invincible. The fragrance speaks to the bold, trendy, but always authentic Gucci character. It awakens the senses with a daring edge of sexiness and sensuality.


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Customer Reviews

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Katherine (Bacolod City, PH)

Original! Very nice date edt for an evening date! Very elegent scent.

Jo A. (Lipa City, PH)

Not original. Ang mahal pa man din. Very dissapointed. Dina mauulit. Nakakadala umorder talaga online. Tapos ang mahal mahal pa. 3899 pa. Grabe naman. Pede ba ibalik to.

Joel M.
5 star


Joanie D.g.
Very much trusted

Start loving gucci scent. :)

What is Gucci Guilty Women?
Gucci Guilty Women is a popular women's fragrance created by the luxury fashion brand Gucci. It's celebrated for its modern and daring scent.

What are the main fragrance notes in Gucci Guilty Women?
The main fragrance notes in Gucci Guilty Women typically include mandarin, pink pepper, and patchouli, creating a bold and seductive scent.

Is Gucci Guilty Women suitable for daily wear?
Gucci Guilty Women is often recommended for evening and special occasions due to its bold character. It can be worn during the day, especially in cooler seasons, when you want to make a statement.

How long does the scent of Gucci Guilty Women last on the skin?
The longevity of any fragrance can vary from person to person, but Gucci Guilty Women is generally known for its long-lasting scent, often lasting throughout the day and into the evening.

Can I wear Gucci Guilty Women year-round, or is it more suitable for specific seasons?
Gucci Guilty Women's bold and daring character makes it a versatile fragrance that can be worn year-round. However, it is often favored in the fall and winter for its warmth, making it a great choice for cooler seasons.

Is Gucci Guilty Women considered a casual or formal fragrance?
Gucci Guilty Women is known for its bold and seductive character, making it well-suited for special occasions and evenings. It can be worn formally but is also appropriate for making a statement in less formal settings.

How should I apply Gucci Guilty Women for the best effect?
To make the fragrance last longer, apply Gucci Guilty Women to pulse points like your wrists and neck. You can also lightly mist your clothing for a more lasting scent.

Are there any special tips for enhancing the longevity of Gucci Guilty Women's scent?
To extend the fragrance's longevity, consider moisturizing your skin with unscented lotion before applying Gucci Guilty Women. Layering with complementary body products like scented lotions or shower gels can enhance and prolong the overall scent experience.

Where can I buy Gucci Guilty Women 75ml Perfume online in the Philippines?
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