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Jennifer Lopez JLo Still 100ml

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Introducing the Jennifer Lopez JLo Still 100ml fragrance, a captivating scent designed for confident and modern women. This perfume is a delightful blend of floral, fruity, and woody notes that come together to create a long-lasting and alluring fragrance experience. The top notes of Jennifer Lopez JLo Still 100ml open with fresh and vibrant scents of white pepper, mandarin orange, and Earl Grey tea, providing a sparkling and invigorating start to the fragrance. The heart notes then unfold with a bouquet of floral tones, including honeysuckle, orange blossom, and jasmine, which add a touch of femininity and elegance to the scent. The base notes of Jennifer Lopez JLo Still 100ml exude warmth and sensuality, with notes of sandalwood, musk, and amber, which linger on the skin and create a captivating and alluring trail. The combination of these notes creates a balanced and harmonious scent that is suitable for both daytime and evening wear.

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Jennifer Lopez-Jennifer Lopez JLo Still 100Ml-Fragrance
Jennifer Lopez JLo Still 100ml Sale price₱2,695.00 Regular price₱5,500.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Mitchy_Mitch (Adlaon, PH)

This is the second bottle I ordered from And I'd say I'm extremely happy with the service! I requested a paperbag and they never hesitated to include it in my package.
JENNIFER LOPEZ STILL is a clean , fresh and calming scent. On my skin it lasted 4 to 5 hours not bad for a designer and affordable fragrance but on my clothes it has a staying power of more than a day,I can still smell it after washing my shirt. 💝💝💝

Ken G. (Tuguegarao City, PH)
Rare Find!

An amazing blast of nostalgia! this reminds me of my early days dating my wife back in the mid 20's, that fresh calming flowery smell that is perferct to wear when you are at the beach on summer. Very good for casual or even at formal, longevity wise might stay around atleast 6-10 hours. The uniqueness of the scent is the real thing here though considering it's a celebrity perfume. Truly a rare find! 💯❤️

Pat (Quezon City, PH)
Rare find!

Arrived a few days from the expected date, but it's understandable. Plus, I've been looking for this perfume everywhere. So happy I finally found it! Box and bottle in perfect condition! Smells amazing! Such a rare find!

Josephine B. (Ozamiz, PH)

Jennifer Lopez JLo Still 100Ml

Jevon A. (Davao City, PH)
Not sure abou the perfume

The name on the bottle is reverse, it gives me doubt. OriginalMa or fake? And the about the smell I don't know if it's okay, but the package is safe, deluvery time too long

Marivic R. (Quezon City, PH)

So lucky to find an authentic hard to find perfume here. How I wish that they also include a paperbag in my order. But I’m still satisfied and gonna order others soon for sure.

Malou S. (Cebu City, PH)

Jennifer Lopez JLo Still 100Ml

Kimmy (Malabon, PH)
For gift

Hindi ko sure yung sa amoy pero well package yung item. Diretso regalo ko kasi yung item 🥰

Pat (Pulilan, PH)

Authentic perfume! Checked and confirmed the details in the box sa internet. Plus, nabasa ng tubig ang wrist ko pero nandun pa rin yung scent. Thank you Perfume Philippines! Ang bilis ng transaction and delivery at sumasagot din sa inquiries. Customer satisfied here!

What is Jennifer Lopez Still (JLo Still)?
Jennifer Lopez Still, often stylized as JLo Still, is a women's fragrance created by the American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez. It's known for its romantic and sensual scent.

What are the main fragrance notes in Jennifer Lopez Still (JLo Still)?
The main fragrance notes in JLo Still typically include white pepper, mandarin, and sensual sandalwood, creating a warm and floral scent with a hint of spiciness.

Is Jennifer Lopez Still (JLo Still) suitable for daily wear?
Jennifer Lopez Still is often recommended for daily wear, especially in casual or informal settings. It's a fragrance that exudes femininity and sensuality.

How long does the scent of Jennifer Lopez Still (JLo Still) last on the skin?
The longevity of any fragrance can vary from person to person, but JLo Still is known for its moderate to long-lasting scent, often lasting throughout the day.

Can I wear Jennifer Lopez Still (JLo Still) year-round, or is it more suitable for specific seasons?
Jennifer Lopez Still's warm and sensual character makes it suitable for year-round wear. However, its romantic notes may be particularly favored in the fall and winter seasons.

Is Jennifer Lopez Still (JLo Still) considered a casual or formal fragrance?
Jennifer Lopez Still is often regarded as a versatile fragrance that can be worn in both casual and formal settings. It's a sensual and romantic scent that can adapt to various occasions.

How should I apply Jennifer Lopez Still (JLo Still) for the best effect?
To make the fragrance last longer, apply Jennifer Lopez Still to pulse points like your wrists and neck. You can also consider lightly misting your hair or clothing for a more lasting scent.

Are there any special tips for enhancing the longevity of Jennifer Lopez Still (JLo Still)'s scent?
To extend the fragrance's longevity, consider moisturizing your skin with unscented lotion before applying Jennifer Lopez Still. Layering with complementary body products like scented lotions or shower gels can enhance and prolong the overall scent experience.

Where can I buy Jennifer Lopez JLo Still 100ml Perfume online in the Philippines?
Jennifer Lopez JLo Still 100ml is available at Perfume Philippines at affordable price. Visit website