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Moschino Funny! 100ml

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Moschino Funny! is a playful and whimsical fragrance for women, available in a 100ml Eau de Toilette bottle. This scent captures the essence of fun and lightheartedness. It opens with a vibrant burst of citrusy and fruity notes, including bitter orange, pink pepper, and red currant, creating a lively and joyful introduction. The heart notes introduce a delightful blend of floral and fruity accords, with jasmine, peony, and violet, adding a layer of femininity and charm to the fragrance.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Jungie D. (San Miguel, PH)
    My Favorite Scent

    This perfume is authentic for I have been buying this before. Long lasting! It smells citrusy with a little fruity and not too sweet. It is relaxing to the senses.

    Helen M.P. (Pasig, PH)

    Moschino Funny! 100ml

    Cindy (Cebu City, PH)
    Love the scent

    Love the scent, it last for a day and i think it blended of my skin chemical reaction . I love it.

    Erwin R.L. (Lahug, PH)
    Legit and smells GREAT!

    Thank you for this store for granting my wish - owning this perfume.

    I really wanted this scent by Moschino - not tooooo sweer scent BUT was currently out stock in our local malls.

    Thank GOD I discovered this store.. And ta dah! Dream come true! Sa next purchase.. Hoping for more discounts!

    Anonymous (Quezon City, PH)

    I’m a little disappointed that the perfume box is slightly dented and there’s no gift / paper bag provided for each of the perfume purchased.

    Jenny D. (Valenzuela, PH)

    First time buying from this app and so far im very happy and impress with their services. Easy ordering process, fast delivery and perfume is 100% legit!!

    Raissa (Quezon City, PH)
    My forever scent!

    I love the scent. I love the store. It's authentic!

    Ron (Batangas, PH)
    Long lasting scent


    What is Moschino Funny!?
    Moschino Funny! is a popular women's fragrance by the Italian fashion brand Moschino. It is a playful and whimsical scent that captures the essence of fun, humor, and a carefree spirit.

    What Are the Key Notes in Moschino Funny!?
    Moschino Funny! features a delightful blend of fruity and floral notes, including pink pepper, red currant, and jasmine. These notes come together to create a lively and joyful fragrance.

    When Is the Best Time to Wear Moschino Funny!?
    Moschino Funny! is a versatile fragrance suitable for daytime wear, especially during the spring and summer seasons. It is ideal for moments when you want to feel lighthearted and full of humor.

    Is Moschino Funny! Long-Lasting?
    Moschino Funny! is designed to provide moderate longevity, making it suitable for daily use. It offers a cheerful and lasting presence.

    Can Moschino Funny! Be Layered with Other Fragrances?
    Moschino Funny! has a distinct and playful profile that can be worn on its own to maintain its carefree character. While layering is possible, many appreciate its standalone whimsy.

    Is Moschino Funny! Suitable for All Ages?
    Moschino Funny! is a versatile fragrance suitable for women of various ages. Its playful and whimsical character appeals to those who appreciate a fun and carefree spirit.

    How Would You Describe the Scent of Moschino Funny!?
    Moschino Funny! is best described as a light-hearted and playful fragrance. It opens with a burst of fruity and floral notes, creating a joyful and cheerful experience.

    Is Moschino Funny! Suitable for Casual and Formal Occasions?
    Moschino Funny! is a versatile fragrance that can be worn for both casual and semi-formal occasions. Its whimsical and joyful character makes it suitable for various settings, from everyday wear to special events.

    Where can I buy Moschino Funny! 100ml Perfume online in the Philippines?
    Moschino Funny! 100ml is available at Perfume Philippines at affordable price. Visit website