The 6 best perfume gift sets to give this holiday season

Want to get a few things checked off your Christmas shopping list but don't know where to begin? Hair accessories, cosmetics, spa items, and bath bombs are all great alternatives, but perfume gift sets are hard to beat.

Fragrance gift sets are always a fantastic choice, whether you're giving a new bottle of someone's favorite signature scent or introducing them to something they never tried before. 

Leave the conventional body-lotion sets on the shelves this Christmas and offer something a bit more unique. Here are the best perfume sets to offer this Christmas, according to Perfume Philippines.

Bvlgari Crystalline Trousse de Beaute with Toiletry Pouch Gift Set

Bvlgari Crystalline Trousse de Beaute with Toiletry Pouch Gift Set

This set includes the popular Bvlgari Crystalline EDT 65ml, a luminous, woody floral fragrance that captures the sweetness of lotus flower, the juicy freshness of nashi pear, and the creaminess of balsa wood.

It's part of a sophisticated collection of gemstone fragrances inspired by contemporary Bvlgari jewels.

Ralph Lauren Polo Black for Men Gift Set

Ralph Lauren Polo Black for Men Gift Set

Travel the world with Polo. A 125ml and a 40ml travel-sized bottle of Ralph Lauren Polo Black EDT are included in this bundle. Featuring a bold fusion of iced mango, silver armoise, and patchouli noir.

A Ralph Lauren Polo Black Aftershave Gel is also included for immediate freshness after shaving!

Thank U, Next By Ariana Grande Gift Set

Thank U, Next By Ariana Grande Gift Set

Thank U, Next EDP 100ml, Ariana Grande's newest fragrance, comprises top notes of juicy pear and tart raspberry, as well as middle notes of powdery coconut and elegant pink rose.

Base notes of sweet macarons and musk complete the elixir. A body souffle and a shower gel are included in the package, both with the same sweet and flirtatious notes!

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Bvlgari Aqua Pour Homme Trousse de Toilette with Toiletry Pouch Gift Set

Bvlgari Aqua Pourhomme Trousse de Toillete with Toiletry Pouch Gift Set

Aqva Pour Homme is a fresh aquatic perfume that overs vigor and rejuvenation, thanks to its sea overtones. At first, fresh aromas of petitgrain and citruses rush forth.

The center of the fragrance is dominated by the seaweed Posidonia Oceanica. A manly base is created by mineral amber and woody tones. Includes a sleek toiletry pouch and an aftershave balm with the same fragrance notes.

Paco Rabanne Purse XS Gift Set

Paco Rabanne Pure XS Gift Set

A combination of explosive freshness and burning sensuality, Paco Rabanne Pure XS is the perfect fragrance for men who embody both vice and virtue.

Pure XS is a vibrant magnetic and fresh oriental with a heady mix of oriental spices and heated resins and woods. Featuring fresh and powerful notes of ginger, resin, thyme, cinnamon, and vanilla, with leather-liquor inflections. 

This stylish gift set includes the Paco Rabanne Pure XS Deodorant which features the same fresh and sensual notes. 

Ralph Lauren For Women Gift Set


Ralph Lauren For Women Gift Set

Ralph Lauren's Ralph for Women is a light floral fragrance that combines the delicious scents of sparkling green apple and zesty Mediterranean tangerine with a delicate floral aroma. It's a subtle but long-lasting women's scent created by layering pink magnolia and purple freesia above a soft-blue musk.

This dazzling women's fragrance is the epitome of today's self-assured and active young ladies. It's a new spin on the traditional flower scent, designed for ladies who dare to live in brilliant color.

This set includes two bottles of the perfume (one travel-sized) and a hydrating body lotion that features the same lovely notes. 

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